Neurophysiology services

Malvern Neurophysiology offers a full range of electro-diagnostic services which serve as an extension of the neurological examination. These may be referred by family doctors, medical and surgical specialists, as well as neurologists.

Services available include:

NCS (nerve conduction studies)

For investigation of nerve entrapments (eg CTS, ulnar neuropathy), traumatic injuries and peripheral neuropathies.

EMG (electromyography + NCS)

For assessment of radiculopathies, brachial and lumbar plexopathies, myopathy and suspected motor neuron disease.

Repetitive Nerve Stimulation (RNS) +/- Single Fibre EMG

For further evaluation of myasthenia gravis and various myasthenic syndromes (LEMS, congenital myasthenia).

Evoked potentials

Offer a physiological assessment of central sensory pathways including visual, auditory and spinal sensory tracts, and have been widely used in MS diagnosis.

EEG (electro-encephalography)

Plays a key role in investigation of epilepsy, unexplained loss of consciousness, as well as assessment of altered mental state.

Visual field testing and Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)

Provide further insights into visual system pathology.

All referrals are triaged to allow adequate time and appropriate expertise depending on the clinical scenario, so provision of clinical details is important. If you are uncertain about the procedures or preparation, please contact our staff by email

All physicians involved with Malvern Neurophysiology have undertaken additional sub-specialty Fellowships at local or overseas centres of excellence to ensure these studies are performed to the highest professional level. Our doctors also participate in ongoing professional development through the RACP and often contribute to specialist training programs under the Australasian Association of Neurologists.

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