Dr Vimal Stanislaus

Neurologist And Research Academic

Dr Vimal Stanislaus (VS) is a qualified neurologist and research academic, with strong subspecialty interests in stroke and cerebrovascular diseases.

After graduating in medicine from Flinders University (Adelaide), Dr VS completed his neurology training through major tertiary hospitals in Melbourne. He also holds a PhD in movement disorders from The University of Sydney, studying the role and contribution of reflexes to various movement disorders including Parkinson’s disease.

Dr VS holds public appointment at Alfred Health, in addition to his research lecturer appointment at Monash University.

Dr VS consults on patients with stroke, particularly young stroke, and other cerebrovascular diseases. He also accepts referrals for patients with general neurological conditions including migraine, dizziness, vertigo and movement disorders. Dr VS offers Botox toxin therapy for chronic migraine and stroke related complications.

Phone: (03) 9079 1882
Fax: (03) 9576 0019

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